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The Friday Foundation aims to achieve extraordinary improvements in human health through profound medical research.

Our mission is to ensure more people live healthier, longer lives through medical research.


The Friday Foundation is a medical research charity that funds only the highest quality medical research into the Big 4 diseases that, together, threaten every single one of us over our lifetime. We operate differently to other charities, making sure we can be as efficient as possible, making sure every penny is well spent.

Become a member of the Friday Foundation family and together we can for strive for a healthier, longer life for everyone.

Founded by Medical Professionals

The Friday Foundation is lead by medical professionals at the front-line of healthcare. We’re uniquely able to pinpoint how we can help the most number of people for the lowest amount of investment.

We're Forever The Optimists

We believe anything is possible. With your help, we aim to create a legacy for generations to come.

We Aim to Include Everyone

At our core we're about creating real health benefits for everyone; regardless of country, age, race, gender, sexuality or wealth. It's also therefore important to us that as a charity we consider each contributor, financial or otherwise, to be equally valuable.

The Friday Foundation is a charitable organisation

The Friday Foundation relies solely on donations from the public. We vow to ensure that every penny we receive goes as far as it can, to help as many people as possible - both now, and for generations to come.